My Home Screen 2015

Apparently home screen posts are a thing. Here's mine:


My most used apps go on the first page, and all other apps go in a group. When I need to access anything in Misc I use search since it's faster. The non-game apps (since those rotate pretty frequently) that didn't get slotted into a :

  • Dark Sky (weather). I also use Siri for weather
  • Calendar/Reminders. Nothing exciting here. I only really use reminders for recurring household tasks so I can check what I need to do before work
  • Captio. Opens super quick and lets me take notes that I can send as emails
  • Downcast. I probably spend 8+ hours per week listening to podcasts
  • Music. My phone is pre-Apple Music (which is why there is a notification on Settings) since I like the old tabs. I don't use streaming services since I decided that it was less expensive for me to buy everything I wanted
  • Audible. Reading books on paper/ipad/kindle causes physical pain after a bit, so I only use Audible for books now
  • 1Password. Password manager. You should get one if you don't have one
  • Reeder/Instapaper. I'll read or skim articles on these from a few publications/blogs
  • Duo Mobile, 2-factor auth. you should get this too
  • Foursquare. The best way to find great things to eat. It also replaces Google Maps for finding places of interest since it shows where people think they are
  • Citymapper. It's largely replaced Google Maps for me when I'm in cities it covers. It's hands-down the best way to navigate cities
  • Spot Cycle. Quick lookup of available bike share bikes/docks
  • Cyclemeter. Recording bike rides

One other noteworthy app is Moves, which records everywhere I go and how I got there passively. I use it a ton, but like Swarm I mostly check it via the pings I get in the morning