My Dividend from Leaving Hacker News

I stopped myself from being able to access Hacker News (HN) and it's made me happier, more focused, and more productive. Given that I wasn't spending that much time on there the degree that it's had a positive effect on my life came as a shock. Someone close to me… »

Mapping the Case for the 5th/6th Ave Bike Lanes

I'll explain what this map is for below, sit tight! There has been a lot of talk, especially over the last year, about adding protected bike lanes to 5th avenue and 6th avenue. There are currently unprotected lanes on 5th avenue below 24th st and 6th avenue below 42nd st… »

Jeff's Guide to Biking in NYC

Biking in NYC isn't for the faint of heart. The only traffic is pretty intense and the pedestrians are totally unpredictable and have no sense of their own safety. I've been commuting to and from a variety of places in the city since 2007 and do exercise rides frequently. My… »

My Experience as an Adult with Braces

Note: There are some graphic pictures of my teeth later on, so consider yourself warned if you don't like the insides of mouths! When I was in grade 6 I was playing a game with my friends and I ran out in the street to get a ball. On the… »

My Job Search and the NY Tech Scene

This post is going to detail my job search in NYC in late 2012. It has an eye towards giving people who might be considering getting into the job market hints on where to get started and what to expect. A Bit About Me: I've been a developer professionally for… »


While I don't think that I'm going to use it – my calendaring needs are extremely minimal – I think that this is a really interesting application from a user interaction perspective, and would encourage you to check it out. What really makes Caliander stand out as an application is what it… »